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Monsters of Etheria is a Roblox game created by Uglypoe. It is a remake of the game Pokémon Fighters EX, which was taken down on 5 August 2018 for violating copyright.

The objective of this game is to explore the Alchas (all·kas) region, unlock as many Etherians as possible and fight with others players for obtain more EXP. You can also buy items and crates for skins, complete quests and learn stronger moves.


All the information about the Etherians.

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Explore the map and find secret rooms.

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Objects that will help you in the game.

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Complete quests for unlock more monsters.

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Game Updates
List of codesChangelogOfficial group
June 5, 2022
  • Added a button to choosing menu that selects a random unlocked Etherian.
  • When using target selection moves, a highlight will be placed around your target.
    • This affects: Disable, Mimic, Dream Eater, Plagiarize, Feint Attack, Encore, Endeavor.
    • These attacks can no longer be used if you don’t have a target selected.
  • Virtual Cursor is now automatically enabled when entering the choosing menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Nametags used Username instead of DisplayName.
May 14, 2022
  • NEW CODE: MidMay2022
  • Easter Event has ended.
  • Bloom skins have entered the normal skin shop rotation.
  • Attack System Upgrade: Entity Compatibility
    • The attack system has been refactored to use Entities instead of Players.
    • This will allow us to add Boss Battles to the game!
  • Entities can now have more than 2 types.
  • Increased size and speed of Stone Edge.
  • Various updates for abilities: Heavy Hitter, Laser Sight, Blinded, Extraterrestrial, Conjuring Rites
  • Implemented ViewportModelClass by EgoMoose to improve viewport displays (skin shop, unlock notification).
  • Etherians without skins are no longer shown when negating a skin search (e.g. “!vernal”).
  • Updated Tarabi NPC (in Montana’s quest) to use a skinned mesh.
  • Fixed an issue where the Freeze status effect could become too large.
  • Fixed an issue where nametags became too large for certain Etherians.
  • Fixed an issue where nametags wouldn’t move for skinned meshes.
  • Fixed an issue where certain attacks faced the wrong way for skinned meshes.
  • Fixed an issue where daily tasks could break by becoming NaN (not a number).
  • Fixed various issues with the map (such as holes and weird collisions).
April 30, 2022
  • 2022 Easter Event!
    • This event will run from April 30th until May 14th.
    • Talk to Montana at the farm or Chex at the town to get started!
    • We are introducing 5 exclusive Vernal skins:
      • Vernal Watchbot [Find Montana’s 5 missing eggs]
      • Vernal Munstorm [Collect hay by using wind attacks on haystacks]
      • Vernal Eletoid [Fill the stone fountain with bird feed, found in some wells]
      • Vernal Salablinder [Grow a Vernic plant using seeds obtained from Montana]
      • Vernal Solareign [Use code “SpringCheer2022”]
    • Looking for Montana’s 5 eggs? Maybe these hints will help you:
      • Red Egg: Sometimes found during lava eruptions
      • Blue Egg: Go treasure hunting
      • Green Egg: Sometimes grows on berry bushes
      • Yellow Egg: Dig somewhere under the hot desert sun
      • Cyan Egg: Sometimes found frozen within an icicle
    • Collect one Vernal skin to unlock the “Vernal” title, and all 5 Vernal skins to unlock the “Floral Monarch” title!
    • All Bloom skins from 2021 are now available in the Skin Shop! For the duration of this event, they are 33% cheaper than normal. Buy them while they’re cheap!
  • Upgraded planting locations to allow for multiple plant options (Bone, Vernic Seeds).
  • You can now discard fully-grown plants from planting locations if your inventory is full.
  • Time now starts at 8am instead of 2pm (when a server is created).
  • Updated dialogue to use MaxVisibleGraphemes for typewriter effect.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple messages could appear in dialogue at once).
  • Fixed an issue where dialogue would break for a short period of time if closed and opened within 0.5 seconds.
April 16, 2022
  • Mobile players can now choose between thumbstick and dynamic thumbstick for movement controls.
  • Mobile attacks are no longer used when selecting the thumbstick, jumping, or moving the camera.
  • Added functionality to change controls during gameplay.
    • For example, you can easily swap from a keyboard to a controller while playing.
    • This should fix an issue where the game believed you were on the wrong platform.
  • Enabled Virtual Cursor for controllers.
    • Toggle the cursor by clicking the Select button on your controller.
    • This has replaced the old controller selection system. Let us know how it feels!
  • Improved controller keybinds to make certain actions easier.
April 9, 2022
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Growdy, Poladin
  • Updated sprites for: Growdy, Poladin
  • Fixed an issue where the character would not rotate while in first person mode.
  • Fixed an issue where first person mode was inaccurate for skinned mesh Etherians.
  • Fixed an issue causing first person mode to break after dying once.
April 7, 2022
  • NEW CODE: QOLApril2022
  • Replaced old subchunk detection system with ZonePlus.
    • The server has more authority, which will improve server-side subchunk detection (e.g. safe zones).
    • This fixes issues like the swamp vfx carrying into private matches.
  • Upgraded chunk attribute system.
    • Can dynamically add and remove chunks from attribute system.
    • This fixes an issue where weather moves didn’t work in private matches.
  • Private Server owners can now set weather using command “!weather [Weather]”.
  • Store GUIs now use ZonePlus, and they automatically close when you walk out of range.
  • Improved sound system to use TweenService when fading in/out music.
    • This should fix an issue where multiple sounds could play at once.
  • Wind type attacks now deal 25% more damage when the weather is Fog or Dense Fog.
  • Fixed an issue where Fog and Dense Fog had no visual effect.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to fall through private match arenas after teleportation.
  • Fixed an issue where skinned mesh Etherians wouldn’t die if they glitched out of private match arenas.
  • Enabled Opportunistic Streaming.
    • This is a new Roblox feature that may improve framerate - tell us how it feels!
  • Rearranged various modules to improve initial loading times.
March 15, 2022
  • NEW CODE: CodeOverhaul2022
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Eletoid, Electris, Ghourien
  • Updated sprites for: Eletoid, Electris, Ghourien, Braybug, Equoon, Mulegant
    • Fixed an issue causing previously updated sprites to revert.
  • Upgraded framework to use Knit.
    • This may break parts of the game. Please report any bugs you find via the Feedback feature!
  • Upgraded save system to use ProfileService.
    • This upgrade will help to keep your data secure, among other benefits!
    • Old save files are automatically migrated to the new system when you play for the first time after this update.
  • Remade Update Log to improve UX.
  • Removed Minimap from Teleport Hub.
  • Removed "Getting Started" tutorial from Teleport Hub.
    • The "Starter Pack" title is now awarded for joining the game, similar to the Welcome badge.
March 5, 2022
  • NEW CODE: NewMeshes2022
  • Updated with SkinnedMesh: Florafluff, Cryoball, Cryoclops
    • Florafluff has been redesigned.
  • Updated sprites for: Florafluff, Cryoball, Cryoclops, Jardrix, Jarantula
  • Gentle Dalladoodle and YOTOx Braybug have entered the normal skin shop rotation.
February 24, 2022
  • Gentle Dalladoodle has entered the Skin Shop and is on-sale for a limited time only! Buy it while it’s cheap!
February 2, 2022
  • YOTOx Braybug has entered the Skin Shop and is on-sale for a limited time only! Buy it while it’s cheap!
  • Merry skins have entered the normal skin shop rotation.
  • Use code “TwoTwo2022” to receive 2 Multi Crates!
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